Sam Rees

After spending a year with The Altitude Centre as part of his BSc Sport & Exercise Science degree from the University of Bath, Sam has since returned to The Altitude Centre full-time. Sam oversees the operations of our London HQ, as well as working with our professional sports teams to ensure they have all the tools to incorporate altitude training into their training. He also works with a number of our amateur and elite level athletes, ensuring that their altitude needs are met via chamber installations, or portable altitude generators.

A firm believer in the benefits of altitude training, he has taken to marathon running, triathlon, and high altitude climbing, reaping the rewards of training in the chamber – improving his own performance, and the support he offers our clients.

If you want to know how altitude training can meet your training requirements, or the best services and solutions for your needs, just get in touch!

Greatest/Proudest Sporting Achievement:

Completing my first Olympic Triathlon just 12-months after my ACL reconstruction

Challenging adventures at altitude:

A 15-hour day in the Pyrenees, making tracks through knee deep snow is definitely up there. Summiting Kilimanjaro with no previous altitude experience, or learning how to ski at 3,000m without any lessons are also not far behind!

Favourite meal upon returning from altitude:

Fajitas and fully loaded nachos on the side. Simple, effective and you can't go wrong!

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