We are very proud to have established such an esteemed client base from the world of sport and mountaineering.

We have worked with both teams and individuals in acclimatisation, performance and rehabilitation. Some of our clients include world champion triathlete Alistair Brownlee, Elite Iron Man Dion Harrison, Premier League Football Clubs, SuperLeague Formula race driver Chris Van de Drift, Heavyweight Boxer Anthony Joshua and Marathon Runner Helen Decker.

Our Clients

Ipswich Town Football Club
Fulham Football Club
Derby County Football Club
Brentford Football Club
Virgin Active
Leicester City Football Club
British Taekwondo
Welsh Rugby Union
England Rugby League
Leinster Rugby
LOU Rugby
St Georges Park
Bristol City FC
Beard Construction
Liverpool Football Club
Birmingham City Football Club
West Ham United Football Club
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
West Bromwich Albion Football Club
Peterborough United Football Club
Southampton Football Club
Norwich City Football Club
Nottingham Forest Football Club
Newcastle United Football Club
Millwall Football Club
England Rugby
University of Bath
British Lions
UK Athletics
Manchester United
Manchester City

Our Testimonials

Richard Rogers

The Altitude Centre is a great place to visit if you are doing any altitude adventures like Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp. They can test you, prepare a plan and you can work on getting altitude ready before arriving for your adventure. I would highly recommend. Thank you for all your help.

Neal & Amy Harrison


We had booked a hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Whilst it was important to get ourselves fit and buy the right equipment and clothing the big unknown was how our bodies would respond to the low oxygen levels at high altitude.

To minimise this effect on our hike we booked into the Altitude Centre for a Mountaineering consultation. This gave us a great insight into how we might cope approaching the summit – the results indicated we should be OK. The team suggested we hire the IHE reduced oxygen breathing apparatus for a month before we left for Kilimanjaro so we did this too to further increase our chance of summit success.

Whilst we did find the hike hard we suffered from no form of altitude sickness at all – no headaches or nausea and our blood oxygen levels were the highest in the group (90+!!) throughout the hike. We were so pleased to get to the top of Africa!

Many thanks to the team and equipment at the Altitude Centre for enabling us to reach the summit!

Neale & Amy Harrison

Dominic Smith

The Altitude Centre’s sleep system and programme was my secret weapon in sustaining my aerobic fitness during my two month injury spell this year.

Once I returned to running with some of Wales’ most elite long distance runners, it was as if I had never been away. Sleeping in hypoxic conditions at home literally halved the estimated amount of time it would take me to return to full fitness, and Sam and James were the nicest and most helpful guys to work with. Could not possibly speak highly enough of The Altitude Centre.

Ardavan Farmanfarmaian

Ama Dablam

Throughout the entire acclimatisation period and the rotations up and down high camps, I have to say that I felt extremely well and slept perfectly… Kenton Cool and Tim Mosedale, another British mountaineer with several Everests and Ama Dablams in his CV commented that my adaptation to altitude was surely due to my hypoxic training prior to flying to Nepal. I believe they are correct. So, I wanted to thank you for your support in preparing me for my trip and for greatly contributing to my enjoyment of the journey.

Alistair Brownlee

Team GB Triathlete (Double Olympic Champion)

I have used The Altitude Centre and their equipment in preparation for a number of championships with great success. The systems are really great for training, but also during rehabilitation. A really useful kit for elite athletes and those looking for performance gains.

Dean Stott

World Record Holder
The Altitude Centre played an integral part in helping me to train and prepare for my world record ride (first person to cycle the Pan American Highway in under 100 days). The Altitude Centre enabled me to continue training whilst away from home and the use of the altitude tent was the perfect final preparation before embarking on my challenge.
A huge thank you to all at The Altitude Centre and look forward to working alongside you again for my next challenge.

Holly Rush

Commonwealth Games Marathon Athlete

The Altitude Centre has been incredibly supportive in my preparation for both the European Cup Marathon and the Commonwealth Games. The ability to simulate altitude has enabled me to maximise my preparations in a home environment.

Kenton Cool

British Mountaineer 

For me things are simply….results matter, and results in my field of work means summits. There is no doubt that The Altitude Centre can give you a critical head start in the acclimatisation game for expeditions. Having seen the system work this last expedition to Manaslu (world’s 8th highest mountain), I now see the benefits of training with a hypoxic generator. The advantages for High Altitude Climbing is obvious, I will be using the system before leaving for any expedition in future. Put simply….IT WORKS. There is no doubt that the Altitude Centre can give you a critical head start in the acclimatisation game for expeditions. People don’t go to sea level to 5000m in 3 days but with an Altitude Centre hypoxic generator that’s exactly what we saw on our Manaslu expedition this year. The chance of Summit success can be improved on certain mountains by using the Altitude Centre. I recommend it to anyone thinking of climbing a high altitude mountain.

Rachel Ewer

Kilimanjaro Summiteer

“We stormed the summit with no symptoms whatsoever, no headaches, nausea, fatigue .. We ate and slept well and our guides were pleased with our health checks. We were the oldest by 25 years in a team of 9 and felt the best as well!”

Rachel and her husband completed a one month IHE course using our at home rentals.

David Strang


Taking ALTI-VIT for my trip to Everest Base Camp was a contributing factor to my success