Altitude training is ideal preparation for maximising your personal
performance whatever your goal.

Reduce your susceptibility to Altitude Sickness through pre-

Scientifically proven to assist weight loss, reduce blood pressure and much

UK’s number 1

The UK’s number 1 altitude training specialist. Founded in 2003 The Altitude Centre has become the leading company in its field. Our clients include National Governing Bodies, Sports Teams, Olympic Champions, Climbers and members of the general public. We help all our clients achieve their goals.


Brands Trust The Altitude Centre to test their equipment to the limit, we are proud to have tested equipment at our centre to the extremes including our Treadmill Partner, Noble Pro.


Booking your simulated altitude appointment online is very easy. Aim high, train high.


Rent a machine and experience the benefits of altitude training from the comfort of your home.


State of the art products combined with a unique level of service. The UK’s number one.


All our protocols are evidence based. Explore the benefits in our comprehensive research blog or see what we have been up to in our news blog.


We are very proud to have established such an esteemed client base from the world of sport and mountaineering.


Training at altitude is like giving your body a tune up. Through the adaptive process you learn to extract more from each breath – making you more fuel efficient.

Your heart is the pump that circulated Oxygen enriched blood around your body,  it can now afford to beat less to maintain your supply.

As you work at a lower rate there is less wear and tear on your internal engine, not just whilst exercising but also for the other 23 hours of the day when you are not.

Having a lower resting heart rate increases its range for when required. You’ll be able to run faster and further. With an enhanced oxygen uptake and utilisation system you recover quicker, enabling you to go again and again.

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Increased Fitness

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Improved Circulation

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Lower blood pressure

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Better Response to Oxidants

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Improved Immune System

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Stimulate Serotonin and Dopamine