Metrafit POD

Aim High, Train High.

Train at Everest Base Camp, on Elbrus or Kilimanjaro and more. 

Session duration 60 minutes.
Price: from £20 per session

Passive sessions on the MetraFit POD utilise the intermittent hypoxic exposure (IHE) protocol, a technique of breathing short bursts of mountain air, alternated with normal air. It is the quickest way to adapt to low oxygen, and allows you to reap the rewards of hypoxic exposure, without flexing a muscle.

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What are the benefits?

Mountaineering: High altitude travellers use this technique to pre-acclimatise their bodies to low oxygen environments so that they are better able to cope with hypoxia before they even step foot on the mountain.

Sporting Performance: Passive sessions are the perfect sidekick to hard training. Research shows IHE promotes blood flow and increases circulating levels of important hormones, helping your body recover better. The passive nature of the sessions allows you to reap the benefits of being at altitude for sporting performance without moving a muscle, making it perfect to tag onto hard training days, rest and recovery phases, or during a taper.

Injury Rehabilitation: Injured and can’t train? Hit the POD. Altitude exposures will help you to maintain as much fitness as possible while you can’t train to your full potential. For example, research shows that IHE can elicit an upregulation of human growth hormone, which not only helps muscle growth, but promotes bone healing as well.

Health & Wellbeing: The main adaptation is at a cellular level with improved mitochondrial function. The IHE protocol helps to ‘switch on’ your dormant cells, fine tuning your cellular performance and reaping the health benefits that come with it.

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