Commercial Systems

Our home products can also be used commercially. Please also visit our shop to browse our portable products and get in contact for a specific quotation.

Commercial Product

Our products are made in accordance to ISO 9001, the international standard that defines the requirements for quality assurance work by certified businesses. The requirements ensure systematic and documented production processes, for the purpose of minimising defects in quality and optimising reliability.

Our equipment can be sized for any facility. We can also add precision temperature and humidity control to replicate any environmental condition.

Full service

We provide a complete service, from design through to installation. We can also train your staff to become competent in the art of hypoxic training, giving you confidence to provide a first class service.

Leading Technology


The Altitude Centre System has been developed over a number of years and captures all the elements our customers require, some of these include:

Intelligent Control System

Delivers rapid achievement of altitude, and precise control of oxygen level to 0.1% precision.

Hypoxic delivery

Air is delivered via a system that include silencers and attenuator to ensure the noise level is whisper quiet.

Safety System

Our system are designed as fail safe. We never produce air below 10% O2 so in a catastrophic failure the rooms will still be completely safe for human use. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels are continually monitored, with visual alarm indications and automatic shutdown.


All our systems can be connected via a secure internet connection so we can assist clients with technical issues remotely.

Energy saving mode

Our systems are designed with energy saving in mind. We change the air flow dynamically based on the amount of people exercising in the room. We also offer energy recovery systems where heat produced by the mechanical plant can be used to pre heat water boilers and swimming pools.

BMS interface

We connect to any BMS systems and provide a full diagnostics of the complete system.

Air quality

Incoming air is filtered by a multiple element filter system provides removal of hydrocarbons, odours and 99.9% of particles down to 0.01 micron (exceeds HEPA standard).


System Components


Our industrial controller provides a simple and clear touch screen interface and includes:

  • 3 Password levels
  • Altitude set point and actual altitude
  • Room temperature display
  • Room Humidity display
  • Room Carbon Dioxide levels
  • 7 day scheduler
  • Maintenance diagnostics
  • Room environment trending functions
  • Internet integration and offsite interface
  • Service reminders

Specialist software

Our proprietary software links with multiple devices, providing real time monitoring. User data is analysed and saved as training reports and consultation reports