Exercise Systems

Train at altitude in your own home. Within minutes you could be training in the same rarefied air as the Pyrenees.

Renting exercise systems

Rent altitude equipment from The Altitude Centre and with your own exercise equipment you can experience the benefits of running or cycling in the Alps without leaving your home.

We recommend completing two or three moderate-intensity hypoxic exercise sessions per week for maximum performance gains. The equipment can be configured to work with any piece of exercise equipment.

For those with muscle or ligament injuries, a hypoxic workout is a fantastic way to maintain cardiovascular fitness without putting too great a load on your injury. Returning from injury fitter will also help prevent re-injury.

We have devised specific training protocols for you to follow during your hypoxic workouts and workout lengths vary depending on what you want to achieve. Typical sessions are between 20-30 minutes in length. Hypoxic training makes you work your anaerobic mechanisms so the training length can be reduced. Quicker workouts – greater the calorie burn.

The rental period for the machine is one month minimum. It is easy to set up, safe to use and comes with a complete training programme. The powerful Hypoxic air generator produces 115L/min of airflow with adjustable altitudes up to 12,000ft/3660m.

The cost of hiring a machine is:

1 – 2 months

from £400 + VAT per month

3 months +

from £325 + VAT per month

6 months +

from £275 + VAT per month

12 months +

from £225 + VAT per month

We can arrange for DPD to deliver your machine to you, and pick it up after you’ve finished with it, from £80 each way (£180 to deliver and return). Alternatively you can pick up from our office in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire