Sleep systems

Rent a machine from The Altitude Centre and experience the benefits of sleeping at altitude without leaving your bedroom. For athletes with non-athlete partners we can provide a list of benefits that will help convince them it is a good idea!




Sleep your way to the top

Sleeping is important for recovery, it is the time when a lot of the bodies repair work is done. Training in your sleep will improve your physiology and your performance, but it is important to maintain the balance between training and recovery, even in your sleep.

The altitude tent goes above the bed and all bed sizes can be catered for. We will provide full instructions and a training programme to ensure maximum efficiency and safety in training.

The rental period for the machine is one month minimum. It is easy to set up, safe to use and comes with a complete training programme. The powerful Hypoxic air generator produces 115L/min of airflow with adjustable altitudes up to 12,000ft/3660m.

Please talk to us regarding the best time to hire a sleep system. If training for a race we recommend either coming out of the tent 3 or 18 days before your event.

The cost of hiring a machine is:

1 – 2 months

from £450 per month

3 months +

from £375 per month

6 months +

from £325 per month

12 months +

from £275 per month

These prices exclude VAT, and are for pick up from our office in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

We can arrange for DPD to deliver your machine to you, and pick it up after you’ve finished with it, from £87.50 +VAT each way (£175 +VAT to deliver and return)