Hypoxic Sleep Sessions

Train in your sleep. 90% of Olympic distance athletes combine sleeping at altitude with their training preparations. Sleep session can be used on their own or as an adjunct to an altitude training camp where you may wish to arrive pre acclimatised. Continuing your altitude sleep session at home will maintain the gain.


Benefits for sport

As the “Gold Standard” in altitude acclimatisation we would recommend this modality for the serious athlete.

This method of training takes 3-4 weeks to achieve the benefits. We work with you to recommend the ideal training programme to take into account your current training, races and your main goal, ensuring you peak at the right time.

Take your training to new heights.


Benefits for Mountaineering

As a mountaineer or serious trekker you will be used to sleeping in tents. We would recommend this modality for people who have a very tight acclimatisation plan on the mountain or for those who are going to extreme altitudes.

We recommend you start this training at least 3-4 weeks before you head to the mountain.

Bring the mountains to me.


Benefits for Health

We usually recommend passive IHE or exercise sessions for health. However, clients remark improvements in skin tone, weight loss and across a wide range of health markers including Type 2 Diabetes and reducing blood pressure. The tent modality is the “Gold Standard” in altitude acclimatisation. We can also convert entire bedrooms to make sleeping at altitude a seamless experience.

Sleep at altitude, at home.