Prepare for the climb

As you climb higher, the air gets thinner. Each lungful at altitude gives you less oxygen, so your body has to work harder to maintain the supply to the tissues. To cope at altitude, it’s important to understand how you respond as an individual & what you can do to mitigate the altitude while in the mountains. A successful pre-acclimatisation programme will also significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing altitude sickness symptoms, making it a much more enjoyable experience.


Mountaineering Consultation:

The first port of call for anyone travelling to high altitude. This consultation with one of our experts will provide you with an understanding of how your body responds to high altitude and your susceptibility to altitude sickness. In your appointment we will talk to you about altitude, explain the risks and give you important tips on coping with the demands of high altitude travel.

We will perform a health review that includes monitoring your performance while breathing altitude air up to 5300m, passively, and under the stressor of exercise to determine how you cope with these altitudes.

We send detailed consultation notes following the appointment.


Exercise Sessions from £20

Hypoxic exercise sessions will let you experience what it is like to exercise at altitude. Just like fitness the more you do, the better you get. To pre-acclimatise for a trip to altitude we recommend regular sessions at least 3 weeks in advance of your trip.

Individual Training
Boots and rucksack welcome. These individual sessions let you go at your own pace.
Exercise classes
Its always fun to be part of a class. Be mentally prepared for what is a short, but hard session.
Personal trainer
Our expert trainers can assist you through your tailored high altitude workout, to build upon your core altitude acclimatisation.


IHE Sessions from £20

These sessions utilise the IHE protocol. IHE stands for Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure, a technique of breathing short bursts of mountain air (up to 6,500m) through a mask, alternated with normal air. IHE is the quickest way to adapt to low oxygen. What’s more, no exercise is required!

The pre acclimatisation sessions kick start the adaptive process to enable you to cope with low oxygen and to be more efficient with the available air, the main adaptation is at a cellular level with improved mitochondrial function.

A 10 session package is our strong recommendation for a minimum amount of sessions ahead of trips to altitude or to help you achieve your health and sporting goals.


Rent a system from £225 p/m

Rent a machine from The Altitude Centre and you can experience the benefits of altitude training up to 6,500m from the comfort of your own home.

Options available are either IHE (intermittent hypoxic exposure) , exercise or sleep formats. Full training and advice is provided. You can also combine the 3 different training formats mentioned above from the one machine.