Project Restart – Getting back to racing!

Well what a time it’s been. In the space of just a few days, the sporting world transitioned from tropical rainforest of spring marathons and summer sportives to barren desert. First came the elite international events: cycling’s UAE Tour and triathlon’s World Series the first to fall. Then the events we’d all been training for. March saw the cancellation of The Tokyo Marathon alongside all domestic sporting events. Not even Parkrun was safe. Since then it’s been a steady stream of cancelled races and torn up training plans, emails and statements of cancellation from race organisers no longer a surprise, rather confirming what we already knew.

But now, with the curve flattened, and life returning to some ‘new normal’ there are signs of hope. First cycling clubs were allowed to ride together again. In small groups at first, but growing all the time. Then the running groups; 6 or fewer athletes delighted to running round the track together again after all these months.

And now at long last, the gyms! YES! The Altitude Centre HQ re-opened the chamber doors on Monday 27th July!

The return to training means racing is surely on the horizon. Yes, there has been virtual racing during the lockdown- England Athletics did a great job with the virtual national 5k championships, London’s premier cross country leagues went head to head in the Met v Surrey League virtual race, and cyclists, triathletes and runners in their tens of thousands flocked to Zwift for a world of online racing, with Team Altitude Centre tearing up Haute Route Zwift amongst others. But for many of us, these virtual races never quite scratched that very real racing itch.

We have seen over 9% improvements in FTP from just 6-weeks of training.

With every passing day we edge closer to getting our racing fix. But after months of lockdown and training schedules thrown out the window, what sort of shape are we in, and what can we do before toeing the start line in as few as 6 weeks time?

Fortunately, The Altitude Centre has your back. We are proud to offer a 6 week Return to Racing program, to help you accelerate your return to racing fitness. Regardless of whether you were a lockdown mileage machine, or your greatest achievement during lockdown was completing Netflix, our 6 week program will bring that racing sharpness to the fore to get you ready for race day, whether you’re eyeing up an Autumn marathon, sportif, or any other sporting challenge.

What you get:

Baseline testing to establish current performance and set training zones
Initial training plan consultation with your sport scientist to set up 6 week training program for your specific event
6 week holistic training plan overseen by our Lead Performance Specialist
6 weeks unlimited altitude training including exercise and POD sessions
• Check up at half way with your sport scientist
Post training testing session to track your progress
• Pre-race consultation available to advise on executing your race plan

What you can expect

Participants in our previous 6 week training camps have seen:

9.4% increase in FTP
• 12.9% increase in 3 min power
22.6% improvement in fatigue index
40% improvement in running speed endurance
• 35-45% improvement in strength endurance
• 4% increase in muscle mass

If you’d like to apply to take part in our return to racing program, fill in the form below and a member of the team will be in touch!

If you have any questions in the meantime please drop us an email on [email protected].