Pre-Season Training Camp

With non-league football (other than the play-offs) out of action since March, pre-season is a daunting prospect, and one which needs to be done correctly this season more than ever.

At The Altitude Centre we work with a number of Premier League and Football League Clubs, including the current and previous Premier League champions, to ensure players are ready for when the new season begins.

WATCH: Man City’s Ben Mendy is put through his paces in The Altitude Centre chamber at Man City.

Repeated Sprint Ability

For any team sport athlete, repeated sprint ability is vital, and pre-season is an important time to make huge strides in improving this, as the games come thick and fast thereafter.

Research has shown more than a 6% improvement in repeated sprint ability through the use of altitude training, compared to no improvement when conducting the training under sea level conditions (Beard, 2019). If it’s possible for the best of best to see 6% improvements in as little as 2-weeks, it’s possible that the improvements in those juggling sport with full or part time jobs will be able to see even greater improvements in twice the time.

How can I train like the pros if I don’t have an altitude chamber?

After years of supporting professional clubs with hypoxic training for conditioning, rehabilitation, and recovery, we are launching our pre-season camp for individuals and clubs that don’t have that facility on site.

If you are a team sports athlete, and want to get an edge over other players or clubs going back to pre-season, we are here to help.

At our London HQ, your Pre-Season Camp will include pre- and post-training performance tests, so that we can monitor the gains you make over the 4-week period. Over the course of 4-weeks, you’ll need to come and train 2-3 x per week, for a 30-45 minute sessions each time.

It’s as simple as that.

Two to three sessions a week for four weeks. Big performance improvements.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up as a club, or as an individual player.

Just fill in the below form to register your interest: