Altitude Training Camp – The Results!

What can you expect from 6-weeks altitude training?

Some serious performance improvements, whatever your goal.

We have known for many years exactly how beneficial simulated altitude training is to performance. Whether you are climbing a mountain, racing a sportive or a marathon, looking to gain a little bit of fitness for your sport (be it football, volleyball, rugby, basketball, martial arts or another), or just feel better in yourself.

But we would say that, right?

So what did we do?

We recruited YOU. Working professionals, that have fitness and performance goals. You have to fit training around busy work schedules, you have social engagements you have to attend, and all-in-all, training is not as easy as it is for the pro’s – it’s not your job!

To add to that… we conducted our 6-week camp through November and December… just to prove that even with those ‘Silly Season’ socials – you can reach your goals with a little bit of altitude training!

Want to check out the results?

We have been working in altitude training for long enough to know just how beneficial it really is – and that’s not just for elite athletes, but for the weekend warriors, the serious athletes (who happen to be full time professionals in their own field), as well as first timers, general wellbeing enthusiasts and mountaineers too.

But here are some numbers to back up what we already knew, just so we are all on the same page!





Nb. This Altitude Training Camp was first conducted in November/December of 2018.