Group Run

Hypoxic HIIT – Run

Taking place in our hypoxic chamber at 2700m, these sessions are suitable for all levels, whether a beginner, or running regular. Our instructors will guide you through a timed interval class, designed to help you maximise your training time, and maximise performance.

You’ll choose your own speeds, with guidance from the instructor based on your own heart rate zones and individual ability, in order to help you make the most of your session.

Take your performance to new heights by training at altitude.

These classes are perfect for anyone with performance, health or acclimatisation goals.


Just brilliant to be back in the chamber being pushed to the limit and beyond by my favourite smiling assassins…

Introductory offer*: Training with us for the first time? Try your first 3-session package for £50 (RRP £90) to see how you like it! Use code altitudeintro at the checkout to book in.

*Introductory offer valid for new clients only.

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