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Winter Webinar Series 2020

02nd Oct 2020

Following on from our Spring-Summer 2020 webinars, we are delighted to be back with more this winter, bringing you a series of 5 webinars on the application of altitude training.

In these REPS accredited webinars, we’ll be taking a deep dive on all things altitude, from the theory behind altitude training all the way through to looking at how our scientific understanding of hypoxia can be applied in practice to achieve a range of goals.

The series will run from the end of November through December and each is designed as a standalone webinar to give you all the information you need on that topic, or you are welcome to join us for the full series as follows:

5th November: Hypoxic training seminar – the perfect introduction to all things altitude, giving an overview of the background behind hypoxic training and it’s application in sports performance, mountaineering and health & wellbeing.

19th November: Altitude Training for Endurance Performance – our deep dive into applying altitude training in endurance settings, covering both terrestrial and simulated altitude with practical recommendations for coaches, athletes and sport scientists alike.

26th November: Altitude Training in Injury Rehabilitation – learn more about the ever developing field of applying altitude in load management and rehab contexts – one of the most important uses of altitude in professional sport.

3rd December: Pre-Acclimatisation, Preparing for the Climb Ahead – For years, mountaineers have stuck to strict schedules of slow acclimatisation in the mountains or risked the consequences of altitude sickness. In this webinar, learn the science behind predicting who is most susceptible to altitude sickness, and the science of pre-acclimation behind world beating summits.

10th December: Altitude Training in Health & Wellbeing Across the Lifespan – The Health and Wellness community has learnt a lot from elite sport science over the decades, and now we are leading the way in making altitude training accessible for health & wellbeing in the general population. This webinar offers the opportunity to learn about the science behind this emerging trend and how to apply altitude training for a range of health & wellbeing outcomes across the lifespan.

Who’s It For?

Sport scientists, coaches, athletes, mountain guides & mountaineers, healthcare practitioners and anyone interested in applying the science of altitude training. The courses are also REPS accredited, making them ideal for personal trainers looking for CPD.

Cost: Bespoke to the number of webinars joined. Register for further details!



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