Why Hiring A Coach Can Help You Smash Your 2021 Goals

The new year brings with it new plans and new goals to achieve. Perhaps that means a marathon in the spring, followed by a move towards to shorter racing across the summer, or for cyclists perhaps a big European sportif beckons come July. After a year where big plans were scrapped in an instant, 2021 should hopefully start to see the return of mass participation events for us to aim for, meaning many of us are heading into the new year with lofty goals.

The task then, is to get the most from yourself and your training to achieve your goal. The challenge is that you are looking to achieve what you have not previously achieved with your training. So, what needs to change? It might be time to consider getting a coach for a 1-2-1 tailored program.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider hiring a coach to help you reach new heights in 2021.

1. Expertise

When you need some decorating done you could strip all the wallpaper off, plaster the walls and end up with exactly the finish you want. But you may well spend a day hacking away at the walls, smearing plaster haphazardly and dripping paint on your carpets. So, what do we do? We call a decorator. In so many aspects of life we are quick to call in people with more expertise than us. Re-wiring the house? Electrician. Nagging knee pain? Physio. Why then, can we be so reluctant to call for help when it comes to training?

A good coach has the scientific knowledge and applied understanding to identify your current areas of weakness and write a periodized plan that will address them, and keep you training smarter (not just harder!). They’ll also have the experience to help you set challenging but achievable goals both in the short and longer term, to help keep you on the path of development. At The Altitude Centre, we’ve had particular success with athletes returning from chronic or repeat injuries which were brought on by general training plans, so you might consider the tailored approach if you fall under this bracket.

A good coach will keep you on the path of progressive overload to help you achieve your goals



2. Objectivity

When you’re writing your own training plan, it can be all too easy to get too close to it and not see the big picture. The classic example is the rushed return from injury: getting back to training too soon after an injury to try and get through what you consider to be an important race, only to be left side-lined when the injury returns in a few weeks’ time. While you will build a close working relationship with your coach, they are a step removed from the situation and look at the big picture. They can more objectively look at your longer term goals and advise on the right thing to do in the short term. For example is now the time to hold back on training to avoid burnout? Or the time to push on in a big training block? Are you eating enough to support your training? Is that niggle going to go away or should I rest it? Is life stress impacting your training plan (hint- it probably is!). When you’re living this day to day it can be hard to take this step back and be truly objective, which is why having a second set of eyes keeping track of you can be one of the most beneficial aspects of having a coach.

Surviving the hazards of night running | Triathlon Magazine Canada


  1. Accountability

You can’t discuss the benefits of having a coach without discussing accountability. When training for new goals, there will be hard training to be done. It could be running in the dark at the crack of dawn, or long turbo sessions in the pain cave, but at some stage there will be a hard block of training to be done. Usually, it’s between 4-8 weeks out from your target event, and there is no getting around it. It’s where the gains are made. When you’re on your own, can be all too tempting to hit snooze on the alarm or cut an interval or two from the session to get back into the warmth sooner. You might accept the excuses you tell yourself, but a good coach has heard them all before! Having a coach who has set your program, and you know will be checking in and analysing your session can be the motivation you need to get through some of the darker parts of training.

Working with a coach on a 1-2-1 basis can be a great way to propel you to new performance levels in the new year.

You can work on a better plan, tailored to your goals and training history, and what’s more you’re more likely to stick with it to achieve your long term goals.

At The Altitude Centre we offer a range of programming packages to suit every athlete at any budget. From one off training consultations to send you on the right path or a check in with an expert mid-plan, to in depth training plans delivered to your inbox daily. Our online coaching options aren’t just for members of The Altitude Centre, with athletes around the world working with our team of Performance Specialists to achieve their goals for 2021 and beyond. For more information, or to apply to join our coaching program, get in touch below!

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