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Webinar: Altitude Training In High Performance Swimming

24th Feb 2021 18:30

When the great Michael Phelps tired of travelling to altitude for extended training camps, such was the importance of altitude in his program that he simply brought the altitude to him, by installing his own altitude chamber at home. Altitude training has been used with great effect by some of the greatest swimmers of our time, and now, with the British Championships and Olympic Trials coming up, we thought we’d take a look at what altitude training is, and how it can be used to enhance swimming performance.

In this webinar, Lead Performance Specialist, James, will be joined by Megan Moss, The Altitude Centre’s Swimming Performance Specialist. An experienced swimmer herself, having competed to national standard and coached alongside the likes of Mel Marshall and Grant Turner, Megan will be discussing how she has implemented altitude training into the training of elite junior swimmers as they prepare for major competition, and what the future holds for performance at the top end of our sport.

Register below to join this webinar at 6:30pm on Wed 10th March. For further information on our other spring webinars, click here.