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Webinar: Altitude Training For Cyclists

24th Feb 2021 18:30

Altitude Training and Cycling: A Match Made In Heaven

Cyclists are perhaps the most prolific users of altitude training. From pre-season training camps in Tenerife, to sleeping in altitude tents, or using hypoxic generators during their training sessions, cyclists of all levels have embraced the performance enhancing effect of altitude training. In this webinar, Lead Performance Specialist James will be joined by The Altitude Centre’s Cycling Performance Specialist Nick Hart, to talk all things altitude and cycling, from why altitude training works, to how Nick, himself an A+ Zwift racer who has broken 20 min for 10 miles and 58 min for 25 miles, uses altitude in his training on his quest for Cat 2 status. For anyone looking to take performance to the next level, this is not one to be missed.

Book your spot below to join us at 6:30pm on Thursday 25th March. For further information on our other spring webinars, click here.