The Altitude Centre – Back with a bang at Gun Street!

We’re back and it’s better than ever! In August 2022 we left our home of 10 years, The Altitude Centre Trump Street, ready to take our facility to new heights.

In January we moved into our brand new facility on Gun Street (E1 6AH) near Spitalfields market, and now we’re into the swing of things, we have finally had time to shout about it!!

We have relocated our HQ to a bigger and better facility, enabling us to help more of YOU reach your training goals.

Over the last 10 years we have had an incredible time of it at our Trump Street facility, but it’s time to supersize and take your training to another level.. again!

Where is the new site?

The new HQ is located within a 5-minute walk of Liverpool Street station, in the heart of London. You’ll find us at the below address:

The Altitude Centre, 50 Gun Street, London, E1 6AH

We can’t wait to welcome you through the doors if we haven’t already seen you this year.

Can I see inside?

Have a look at the video below to see behind the doors of the new HQ:

What can you expect to see from the new Altitude & Human Performance Centre?

  • Group Training Sessions at 2,700m
    • The chamber is where the hard yards happen, and big improvements in fitness and performance are made.
  • Group High Altitude Training for Mountaineers
    • Train at altitudes tailored to you, in small groups of no more than three, under the guidance of our coaches, with SpO2 monitored live on screen. Perfect for acclimatising to high altitude, and improving performance at altitudes of 4000m and beyond.
  • Mountaineering Consultations
    • Our standard and Advanced consultations help you to understand your individual response to altitude, and what it feels like to be in the high mountains. We can provide an indication of how sensitive you are to high altitude, and guidance on how to prepare, manage, and mitigate altitude sickness on the mountain.
  • High Altitude PODs
    • Kick back, relax, and undertake IHE sessions on site using one of our two high altitude PODs. Perfect for acclimation, taper phase, recovery and general wellness.
  • Heat Chamber (coming soon)
    • Ready for those Summer events and heatwaves, and the desert marathons, we’ll be adding heat acclimation to our offering to help you acclimatise to additional climates!
  • Strength & Conditioning
    • Work with a coach, or on your own in our designated S&C space. You won’t need to wait for the squat rack, as when you book it, it’s all for you!
  • VO2 Max Testing
    • Test, don’t guess. Benchmark your performance and set your training zones effectively to help you maximise your training time.
  • Lactate Threshold Testing
    • Like the VO2 max testing, this is all about training smarter, and getting the most from every session.
  • High altitude blood analysis (coming soon)
    • Track your acclimatisation with blood tests to monitor hematocrit, hemoglobin, and iron levels during an altitude block, or after an altitude trip.
  • Body Composition Analysis & Wellness Testing
    • Weight is one number, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. For those with sporting or wellness goals, body composition gives us more valuable insight into how you are progressing towards your goals.
  • Full Sport Science & Coaching Support
    • Our coaches are qualified Sport Scientists, and are on hand to help provide a holistic training plan to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We work with amateur athletes through to Olympic medalists and World Champions, as well as elite sporting organisations.

We’ll be offering a full range of altitude and sport science services to help you become the athlete and individual you aspire to be – taking your health, wellbeing and performance to another level.

Membership Opportunities

If you are interested in memberships, enter your details online here to speak with the team!

If you’d like to come and check out the facility and give a session a go, check out our induction session which involves a sit down with one of our coaches to discuss your goals, and your first session in the chamber for just £15!