Altitude Tent Training Package (Sleep)




With our altitude tents, you can sleep at altitude in the comfort of your own home. Sleeping at altitude is widely used within sport for performance improvements, as well as mountaineers pre-acclimatising for high altitude climbs.

Choose one generator, and one tent to complete your package. Please note, the Sierra 100 is only suitable for the Head Tent.

You can choose from one of our four tent sizes, to ensure that you select the best option for your needs:

Head Tent: Suitable for any sized bed. Portable, packable, and unobtrusive.

Queen Portable: Suitable for one user, sleeping in a UK single, or double bed.

Queen Deluxe: Suitable for two users, sleeping in a UK King size bed.

King Deluxe: Suitable for two users, sleeping in a UK Super King size bed.

Nb. Please check the product pages for your chosen tent before ordering, to ensure that the dimensions fit your mattress.