Limited Rental Equipment Still Available

Our home rental systems are in high demand, but we still have limited stock available for rental during this second national lockdown.

Choose from Sleep, IHE, or Exercise (or a combination of the three!) to ensure you are still able to continue moving forward during this setback. Your health is an investment, not an expenditure!

Exercising at altitude

Our rental systems allow you to exercise at simulated altitude on a turbo, treadmill, or other exercise equipment, as well as conducting at home circuit training at altitudes up to 4000m!

Check out the video below of Amine hitting his circuits session at 4100m above sea level:

Sleeping at altitude

The rental systems also come with the option of a tent, enabling you to sleep at altitude in the comfort of your own home, reaping the health rewards of altitude training from home.


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Benefits of training at altitude

So for those that haven’t already reaped the rewards, what are the benefits of training at altitude, and why should we train at altitude for health, performance, and wellbeing?

  • Increased fat metabolism
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Increase in oxygen efficiency
  • Improved endurance performance
  • Cardiovascular improvements

This is without reeling off the numerous benefits specific to the type of training that you opt for when it comes to altitude.

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