VO2max + Lactate Testing

Train smarter, not harder. For anyone looking for a greater understanding of their current and potential performance.

Session duration: 90 minutes
Price: £299 – Includes follow up call to discuss your results and implementation

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VO2max and lactate threshold are two of the most important performance indicators for endurance athletes. Undertake our full physiological profile to understand your current level of fitness, set training zones, and gain insight into your performance potential.

The full physiological profile involves a graded exercise test on either treadmill, Wattbike or rowing erg, during which we gradually ramp up the intensity of exercise until you hit your max.  From this we can determine:

  • VO2max: the greatest amount of oxygen you can take up and use in a minute. The ultimate test of aerobic capacity.
  • Lactate thresholds: important in determining training zones, and the maximum intensity that can be sustained for extended periods of time. During the test we will take small blood samples during each stage to assess the accumulation of lactate in blood.
  • Exercise economy: how efficient you are during exercise. Particularly for runners.
  • Fuel utilisation: energy expenditure from fats and carbohydrates to help inform your nutrition plan for race day.

You will receive a detailed report from our sport scientists making sense of the results, and a follow up call to help you make the most of the data in your training and racing.


Really good set up. Very friendly staff with clear explanations of the test and what to expect. The test itself was about as enjoyable as a VO2 max test is ever likely to be!

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