Strength & Conditioning Consultation

Strength and conditioning is an essential component to peak performance. 

Session duration: 90 minutes

Price: from £120 (includes 4 week program to take away)

Whether on the mountain, on foot or two wheels, or for any other goal, strength and conditioning is a key cog when it comes to making sure you are fully prepared to achieve your goals.

Knowing where to start with your S&C can be a minefield, so let our coaches cut through the noise and help you build a bespoke plan that you can actually implement within your current training plan.

In your initial consultation, our coaches will discuss your training history and goals, assess your current strengths and weaknesses including movement screening and strength tests, and guide you through an individualised strength and conditioning routine.

Following the consultation, you will receive a 4 week S&C plan that you can action on your own terms or under the supervision of one of our coaches in follow up 1-2-1 training sessions.

If you want to enhance performance, become a more resilient athlete, or enhance your injury resistance, then strength and conditioning is for you.

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