Personal Training Session

Session duration 50 minutes
Price: from £75 (members rate available)

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Altitude training is ideal for maximising your personal performancewhatever your goal. Our sports scientists will plan and deliver your sessions to help you achieve your goals.

High Altitude Mountaineering: Monitored high altitude acclimatisation during exercise. We’ll put you through your paces at altitudes up to 6400m above sea level, pushing the limits of performance before travelling, to ensure you are well equipped to deal with what the mountain has to throw at you.

Sporting Performance: Tailored, progressive plans to ensure you are training SMARTER, not harder. Altitude training has proven performance benefits for a range of sports and disciplines. Endurance athletes through to combat, racquet and team sports, we work with athletes of all backgrounds to improve performance with altitude training.

Health, Wellbeing & Fitness: Sessions are planned to help you meet your needs and goals, whatever they may be. Research shows that altitude training brings about significant improvements in health markers such as blood pressure, body composition, oxygen efficiency and more.

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