Lactate Threshold Testing

Train smarter, not harder. Track your performance and set your training zones with our lactate threshold testing session.

Session duration: 75 minutes
Price: £199 – Includes follow up call to discuss your results and implementation

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Understanding your lactate threshold allows you to train smarter, setting effective training zones to work to, and tracking your performance on the bike, treadmill or rowing machine over time.

Whether you are training for a marathon, sportive, or mountains, understanding your lactate threshold is a powerful tool for progression.

The session involves fingertip blood sampling and a detailed report explaining the results. Complete your test at sea level or altitude, depending on your goals, and take your training to another level.

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Extremely professional. All of the concepts were explained thoroughly. The process was really smooth. I can really see the benefit from gathering all of these data points and iterating a training program to meet a big goal.

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