High Altitude Training

Training for the mountains? Train at high altitude…

Session duration: 50 minutes
Price: from £50

When it comes to the mountains, we know how to get you to the summit…

Altitude pre-acclimatisation is all about exposure to simulated altitudes, to kickstart those physiological adaptations that will help you perform better at altitude during your climb. During the High Altitude Training sessions, we’ll tailor the altitude to your physiology, and gradually increase it over time as your body adapts and acclimatises to the low oxygen environment of high altitude.

As part of the small group session of up to three climbers, you’ll be on the treadmill and hooked up to one of our high altitude generators with live SpO2 monitoring as well. The sessions will be simulating altitudes of up to 6500m, and this will be individualised to your current physiology based on the live data display.

Get ready to aim high, and train high!

Please ensure you register an account with us to enable you to book in for your consultation. If you have any issues, please contact the team via the live chat, [email protected], or on 020 7193 1626.


I think anyone serious about their goals, or travelling to high altitude, should definitely visit the Altitude Centre. The knowledge of all the staff and the reassurance that you will get is second to none.

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