Heat Acclimation

Competing in hot conditions? Prepare right, by training in the heat…

Session duration: 60 minutes
Price: £90 per session (block booking discount available)

Heat acclimation is all about exposure to the heat, to kickstart those physiological adaptations that will help you perform better in hot climates.

During your first heat acclimation session, we’ll conduct an initial assessment in the heat chamber, to identify your individualised target core temperature for your following heat training session sessions.

Heat acclimation is then conducted by exercising (bike or treadmill) the heat chamber to raise your core temperature to the identified target, in order for your body to adapt and make the physiological changes that can will you perform better in hot climates.

We recommend conducting at least 5 heat acclimation sessions in the 1-3 weeks prior to your event. The initial assessment will be conducted as part of your first session.

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