Expedition Consultation

For those heading to the highest and most remote peaks, we present The Expedition Consultation.

Session duration: 180 minutes
Price: £498

The Expedition Consultation is the ultimate test of your performance at high altitude, combing elements of our Advanced Mountaineering Consultation with gold standard fitness testing to create the most comprehensive picture of your physical readiness to climb.

During the consultation, our experts will examine your physical response to altitude and your cognitive ability at high altitude across a series of tests, to help understand how you respond and perform at high altitude.

We will also test your physical fitness for climbing, putting you through your paces in a graded exercise test to determine VO2max and your physiological thresholds so that you can train smarter ahead of the climb.

You’ll receive a full, detailed report, and guidance on pre-trip acclimatisation and training ahead of your expedition.

Please ensure you register an account with us to enable you to book in for your consultation. If you have any issues, please contact the team via the live chat, [email protected], or on 020 7193 1626.

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