Advanced Mountaineering Consultation

Leave no stone unturned in your preparation for the high mountains.

Session duration: 90-120 minutes
Price: £299

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When you are heading to the highest mountains in the world or looking for the most in-depth testing, this is the one for you. This consultation with one of our experts will test your ability to maintain your physical (can you keep going under physical stress) and cognitive (how good is your technical decision making?) performance at high altitude, to help understand how your body copes with the demands of the high mountains, and what we can do to help you make those extra gains.

In your appointment we will test your passive response, active response, and also your cognitive response to high altitude under the stressor of exercise, as seen with Nims Purja in the hit Netflix docufilm, “14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible”.

You’ll receive a full, detailed report, and guidance on pre-trip acclimatisation and training.

Please ensure you register an account with us to enable you to book in for your consultation. If you have any issues, please contact the team via the live chat, [email protected], or on 020 7193 1626.

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