Altitude Training Rental Equipment: Free date changes on all bookings

It’s been a very difficult season for high altitude climbers, trekkers and mountaineers alike. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a pin in many plans, and so many of our clients have had to postpone their countless summit attempts scheduled for 2020 – meaning 2021 could be a very big year!

With uncertainty surrounding lots of trips, and travel plans, we want to ensure you can plan ahead for your trip with the safety of knowing that if your trip moves, your training can move with it.

We are offering FREE date changes on all rental equipment, so you can book safely in the knowledge that you will be fully prepared whether your expedition date changes or not.

With a busy season ahead, we recommend booking in advance to secure your rental!

Rental Equipment

We provide IHE, Exercise, and Sleep options when it comes to training at altitude, and all have their own unique benefits to the body, and the acclimatisation process. It’s vitally important to remember that our body can acclimatise to high altitude, it just needs time!

What better way to give it time than to do that from the comfort of your own home?


To book your rental equipment, we just require a 10% deposit paid up front to secure your booking, and you will have complete flexibility in your training dates from there on (subject to availability).

This means that if your trip moves, you can move your training with it, but if it goes ahead, you know you have the tools in place to ensure it’s a successful one!

To book or enquire about rental availability, just click here!