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Altitude Training for Aconcagua

27th Oct 2023

Aconcagua- The tallest peak in South America, standing tall at over 6,960 meters, is a formidable challenge for mountaineers.

The high altitude and rugged terrain demand a training plan that accounts for these variables.

Altitude training is a key element in preparing for Aconcagua. It provides a powerful tool to help climbers adapt to the demanding high-altitude conditions, significantly enhancing your chances of making the summit.

What is Altitude Training?

Altitude training is a process that exposes the body to reduced oxygen levels, such as those found at high altitudes. This type of training helps your body adapt to lower oxygen availability. Critical in overcoming altitude-related challenges.

The Altitude Centre’s acclimatisation protocol

STEP 1: Mountaineering Consultation

Your body’s susceptibility to deal with altitude is largely genetically determined at baseline and very individual (but very trainable!). No matter how how fit you are your ability to tolerate altitude will be independent of your fitness level.

That’s why the first port of call for any climber is to see how you personally respond in both an active and a passive state when exposed to altitude.

The Mountaineering Consultation, may reveal you naturally cope well with altitude, and are likely to climb without any significant difficulty. In such case it is entirely possible that we won’t need to schedule another appointment with you.


On the other hand, if you require additional support or wish to enhance your altitude readiness to maximise your enjoyment of the climb, we offer a range of services both on-site and off-site.

Our goal is to ensure that you have the knowledge, training, and support you need to thrive in the challenging world of high-altitude environments.

As we always say; test don’t guess!

STEP 2: Acclimatisation & fitness 

After your initial consultation our team of performance specialists, will provide you with bespoke training reccomendations based on your individual physiological response to hypoxia.

Here on site we have 4 ways in which we can aid acclimatisation and get you Aconcagua fit.

Acclimatisation via;

  1. High Altitude Training Sessions: these take place in a small group or 1-1, allowing our team of Performance Specialists to provide a bespoke training session that works on getting your body acclimated.

2. POD sessions: passive sessions, during which you are exposed to very high altitude, working on the passive acclimation; sit back, relax and acclimate.

Physical fitness via;

1.Hypoxic HIIT sessions: run or cycle in our altitude chamber, situated at 2700m. These sessions are offered as HIIT classes or solo slots. Exercising at altitude will aid acclimation and maximise your physical fitness.

2. Personal Training sessions: 1-1 sessions are a great way of working on your weakness; build your  strength whilst working at heights of up to 6200m

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STEP 4: Off to the mountains

With acclimation and fitness both being covered you’ll head off to Acconagua as ready as you can be

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