The Sufferfests are our most popular classes.
The Sufferfests are our most popular classes.

Your feedback is essential to us, as it means we provide you with a better service. With more and more of you enjoying altitude training (and we’re very pleased about this!), it does mean popular classes get full very quickly.

YOU SAID: Sufferfest is filling up too quickly!

WE DID: We’ve increased the waiting list so that three people can now wait for the class, and we contact you where possible to let you know that there is a place available. We’re looking at making Sufferfest available to members only, and we’ll update you on that in July.

See below for our action plan on no-shows.

YOU SAID: People turning up late to classes is disruptive.

WE DID: Like most gyms, we’ve made it so that there’s a five minute cut-off after the start of class. If you turn up after the five minute cut off, we will ask you to wait outside and join the next class/ Solo or re-book for another time. This is so the instructors are able to deliver the class properly, and that everyone is warmed up and training safely. It is frustrating when public transport lets you down or work takes over, but we hope this will make the class experience more enjoyable for everyone.

We’d also like to remind you that Solo sessions do not take place when classes are scheduled, with the exception of using the rower and treadmills during The Sufferfest.

YOU SAID: Are no-shows getting penalised for not turning up to class, and therefore a space in the class is wasted (especially for The Sufferfest)?

WE DID: Our cancellation policy for all classes, consultations, personal training and the POD is 24 hours online via MindBody and our app. We have now introduced a telephone cancellation policy that allows you to cancel/ reschedule your booking up to 5 hours before the start. This allows us to contact other Altituders and offer them the slot.

We are also introducing a penalty charge for late cancellations/ no-shows. The first time you cancel (after the 5 hour cut-off) or fail to show up for a session, we do not charge a penalty, but we will let you know that you will be charged a fee next time. The second and third late cancellations/ no-shows, we charge a penalty fee of £15. Following this, we will charge the full class fee of £39 for each no-show/ late cancellation.

YOU SAID: Sometimes the heart rate monitors don’t pick up my heart rate or stop working halfway through the session. Can we stop this happening?

WE DID: We check the heart rate monitors regularly for signs of wear and tear, and if any of the discs or belts aren’t working properly, we change the battery (on the disc) or replace the belt. We also dampen the belts/ use conductive gel before use to ensure they’re working properly.

After class, please leave your belts and discs in the bucket on the bench at the back of the chamber. If you accidentally take one home, no worries; please just bring it back as soon as possible!