Ever wondered what it’s like standing on top of Everest? Not many have. How about flying in a plane over a kilometre above the summit of Everest, and jumping out? Not something very many of us would have envisaged!

Well that is exactly what Fraser Corsan, one of The Altitude Centre’s clients, has just done. In a bid to set a number of Guiness World Records for wingsuit flight, while raising money for the SSAFA Armed Forces charity, Fraser headed to the USA and Canada in June to chase four separate Guinness World Records.

Fraser Corsan (Skydive)

Fraser successfully managed to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest speed flown horizontally, peaking at an incredible 249mph in flight, and recording an exit speed of 260mph!

FAI UK and EU records were also set for the highest skydive (35,508 ft / 10,822m), and the longest free-fall made! The plan to break the current Guinness World Records for these had to be adjusted due to the weather, as the plane was unable to reach the desired altitude of 42,000ft (12,800m!!) above sea level in the extreme weather conditions.

To prepare for the World Record flight, Fraser acclimatised with a course of IHE acclimatisation sessions using one of our home rental systems (pictured) in the build up, to help prepare his body for the altitude he would be jumping from, and to minimise the effects it could have on his body. To find out more about how you can acclimatise at home, just click here.

Fraser Corsan 3

Not one to be put stopped easily, Fraser is now looking for a new location, and a new sponsor, to redo the flight, chase more World Records, and see if he is able to fly higher, faster, longer and further than anyone has ever done so before!

Congratulations from everyone here at The Altitude Centre, Fraser!

If you would like to read more about Fraser’s story, you can do so here.