It’s said the marathon is the distance all runners are measured by.

Running the full 26.2 miles isn’t always an option for some runners; bad knees, back problems or even no interest in running non-stop for at least three hours keeps people away from going the distance.

The good news is that running short distances has as many benefits to your health and well being as going for a run long.

A study published earlier this summer in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology examined the associations of running with all-cause and cardiovascular-related mortality risks in 55,137 adults aged 18-100 years old (average age 44 years old).

It was found that regular runners had a 30- 45 per cent lower risk of all-cause and cardiovascular-related mortality, as well as an additional three-year life expectancy benefit.

The results showed that running shorter distances and moderate speeds was associated the benefits: Running for less than 51 minutes at six miles per hour, for less than six miles, once or twice a week was sufficient to reduce the risk of mortality compared with not running.

Taking up running as a long-term hobby was strongly associated with mortality reduction, with results showing a lower risk of all-cause and cardiovascular-related mortality in comparison to those who didn’t run.

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