“So what is the benefit of training with you at altitude?”

This is a question we get asked often from new clients that are looking to start their training with us. Amongst the many benefits of training at altitude, a common answer we provide that raises the eyebrow’s of many is that you can burn a lot more calories training at altitude in a shorter period of time than you would at sea level.


For a given session, i.e., 500 m efforts with 90 s recovery at 5 km race pace, the amount of energy required to complete this will be greater at altitude than it will be at sea level. This is because when working in an environment with a limited amount of oxygen, your body works a lot harder (i.e., uses more energy) to keep running at the selected pace for the determined duration. By using more energy, in turn you burn a lot more calories to a greater extent than the exact same session at sea level.

“Is there any evidence of this?”

A recent study by a group of researchers in Australia have shown evidence to support this claim. After a four week training block, highly-trained runners in the altitude group were burning 1214 more kJ/day compared to the sea level group who were burning 83 kJ/day less.

“So, it’s good to be burning more calories?”

In today’s time-deprived society, it is important to make the most of the time you have to exercise. For most, if not all, burning calories is a fitness goal as this is likely to help you lose body fat and/or maintain your current weight. Therefore, by burning more calories at altitude you are able to reach your goal quicker! Most of all, it lets you get back to your desk whilst feeling that you have had a serious workout.

“Where do I sign up!?”

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Study details
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