Jerry Armstrong, an ultramarathoner in the US uses Hypoxico’s sleep training equipment. Follow his journey with the system as he uses it to prepare for his competition in August.

“My name is Jerry Armstrong… I am a mountain ultramarathoner. The race takes place in August, about 3 months from now. I am currently at peak fitness, running 90-150 miles per week with 10-20,000ft vertical gain. My body weight (142 lbs) is 10lbs lower than previous years, giving me an indication that my training has been excellent in the past few months. With the assistance of Hypoxico Altitude Systems, I plan to take my fitness to the next level.”

“I will be sharing this unique experience with you in a series of posts at Trail and Ultrarunning . I will share the personal view, the science, the challenges, and hopefully the evidence of success in using Hypoxico Altitude Systems to compliment endurance training and achieve increased athletic endurance.”

Watch the video and read Jerry’s blog here.