Another great year for English Athletes with Bradley Wiggins winning this years ultimate sporting event, the Tour De France in an overall time of 87 hours 34 minutes and 47 seconds. That’s almost 4 hours quicker than the slowest rider Jimmy Engoulvent (France). A huge margin you might say, but if you do the maths its only 4.3% quicker. No wonder so many of the Tour De France cyclists use our systems which is proven to give an improvement equal or better than this small margin. Of course there are tactics that come into play too. Though if we look at cycling in its purest form, the London 2012 Olympic time trial, again Bradley Wiggins won with a time of 50 minutes 39 seconds. The rider in 4th place (you never remember the name of 4th placed athletes) had a time of 52 minutes 38 seconds, a difference of 3.9%.

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