The Tour de France kicks off this weekend on the 5th July. This year sees the Tour starting in Leeds, Yorkshire, and going through the heart of the country through East Anglia, ending up in London at Buckingham Palace, the first time in seven years that the Tour will be cycling through the UK’s capital.

Many stages of the Tour ascend to altitude, starting from stage 13 reaching 1,730m (approx. 16.8 per cent oxygen compared to 20.9 at sea level) through the Alps. This elevation will definitely affect the cyclists, the highest peak of the tour reaching 2,360m (approx. 15.8 per cent oxygen) on stage 14.

This year also sees the women’s race happening on the final day of the tour along with the male cyclists, finishing in Paris. The female cyclists have said this is an exciting step towards introducing a full-length women’s race in the near future.

If you’re based in London, fan parks are springing up in the city during the race. Find your nearest big screen here. View the route and good spots to catch the action live here.

We’d also like to wish much luck to those of our clients taking part in L’Etape du Tour later on this month.