Introducing: Power Testing for Cyclists

Cyclists are obsessed with power…

‘What’s your FTP?’, ‘how many watts did you do for that effort?’, ‘is my threshold good enough?’… the questions are endless.

During our HIIT classes, Ride Club, and solo sessions, many ask what kind of power they should be aiming to put out for a given duration. Fear not…we are here to answer these questions, and put an end to any naivety regarding power.

What’s included?

The Altitude Centre will be providing a testing service for cyclists to determine performance via a range of tests, conducted every 6 weeks.

These include:

– FTP Testing
– 3 minute Power Testing
– MMP Testing
– 30s Repeated Wingates
– 5s maximal sprint testing

Don’t panic, these will not be done in one session; they can be split across two visits to ensure reliability of the data and sufficient recovery. All we require is that your total effort is given during each test so that we both know the numbers will be right!

Of course, we’ll be on hand to talk you through the results, provide a detailed report and push you through each and every one of them!

So how do we sign up to this I hear you ask?

Keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes, as we’re going to be rolling this out over the coming weeks, ready to keep you ticking over during your winter training!