It’s that time of year again. It’s time to build on those winter miles (or lack of if you had some time off) and get yourself in wheely good shape ready for the new season.


Whether you are tackling crit races, your first big sportive, or you just want to ensure you are keeping pace on those long rides, we have something you won’t want to miss out on.

What does the camp involve?

Pre & Post Camp Performance Testing

It’s important to measure your baseline performance levels when you go into any training block, to ensure the hard miles you are putting into the saddle are rewarding you with positive improvements on the road.

We will put you through your paces in our comprehensive Power Profile at the start of the camp, and follow up your training with a repeat test to see just how far you have come.

As part of the results, we will calculate your heart rate, and power zones ready for you to start your training – making sure you are ready to train SMARTER not just harder, and keeping you on track to meet your 2020 goals.


Unlimited access to The Altitude Centre

For the duration of the camp (two months), you will have unlimited access to The Altitude Centre classes, Solo sessions, and our IHE sessions to maximise your performance benefits. We recommend getting 2-3 sessions in each week to reap the real benefits, but if you can fit a few more – you are only going to get quicker.


What can I expect to achieve as part of the camp?

Cyclists love numbers, and so do we. Over a period of 6-weeks, we have seen improvements of ~10% in FTP in trained, and untrained cyclists.

Check out the previous case study summary here which highlights key results seen across a range of cyclists over a 6-week period.

Bike Radar Videographer Joe Norledge report on the Altitude Centre from The Altitude Centre on Vimeo.

What are the details?

The 2020 early season cycling camp will start in February at a time that suits you best. It kicks off with pre-testing completed with a member of The Altitude Centre Team, and scheduled in for a time that suits you.

If you aren’t sure it is for you, you can sign up for our induction which includes a trial session for just £10, to see what you think!

When you are ready to take on the camp, we will get your account set up, get you booked in for the pre-testing, and the results sent over once it is done, ready for you to attack the two months that follow.

When: Feb through until April

How much: £350 (split into two monthly instalments of £175) – RRP: £608

How do I sign up?

Signing up is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Click the link here.
2. Select your preferred start date during February 2020
3. Follow the steps on screen!


1. I am away for a week during the middle of the training period. Does that make a difference?

A: No! We actually encourage clients to take an ‘easy’ week or a reduced training week to maximise recovery from the training. It’s easy enough for us to help you tie that in around your travel schedule, no problems there.

2. How often do I need to train each week to really see the benefits?

A: There are benefits to be had from incorporating just one visit a week to The Altitude Centre, but as with many types of training, the more time you can dedicate, the better benefits you will be able to see. Just be sure to talk to the team about managing your training, as rest & recovery days are often overlooked, but vitally important!

3. Do I need to be a cyclist to take part in the camp?

A: You don’t need to be a cyclist to take part, anyone can join. The testing is based around cycling performance, but if you have a different goal in mind, speak to your trainer as we may be able to throw in some extra tests for you! There are great benefits to be had from training at altitude, that aren’t just limited to performance improvements.

4. Isn’t altitude training just for elite athletes?

A: Altitude training is for elite athletes – they pretty much all do it – but it’s not just for elite athletes. Altitude training can provide the marginal gains that elite athletes are looking for in their training, but for those not at the elite level, the room for improvement is far greater, and the gains far from marginal! Check out the case study results from last year here.