As you well know by now, The Altitude Centre take on two (or more) budding Sports Scientists and Exercise professionals each year. We aim to provide a platform for development where they can gain the experience they need to take into the big bad world of sport and exercise science, in an industry that is constantly growing.

We thought you might like to hear how some of those former interns are getting on, so we have a couple of updates for you!

Piers Chen

Piers came to The Altitude Centre in the Summer of 2015 for his placement year, taking a break from his studies at the University of Bath. He quickly got into the swing of things, and you may well remember him dishing out a special Altitude Centre beasting to the likes of Anthony Joshua along the way!

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So what is he up to now?

While working here at The Altitude Centre, Piers saw that there was a very obvious gap in the market for your usual gyms, those that offer classes without the USP of altitude. In order to solve the gap in the market, Piers has now launched his app, Fittever. The app allows gyms to live-stream their classes to members and clients’ homes – no longer limiting you to time or travel restrictions, nor to the capacity of the studio, as you can train wherever, and whenever.


Upon returning to Bath University to complete his degree realised that his interests in both exercise science and entrepreneurship were the perfect match: requiring passion, determination and drive. After graduating and working for a London based start-up, he witnessed first-hand the ins and outs of building something from the ground up. But it wasn’t until a torn ACL that saw him relegated to the sofa for three months that he was able to really think about the idea of digitising gym classes, and allowed it to grow. Which, for a man that loved to be constantly on the go and pushing himself physically, was the silver lining of a notoriously painful setback.

Inspired by New York’s latest wellness trend – the spin studios that allows you to tune in to their spin classes from your living room – Piers saw a way to package this concept and open it up to all gym studios to utilise. He got together a small team and soft launched the app last summer to a small series of gyms who were keen to trial it – and it was soon on GymShark’s radar. Accepting him to their Accelerator programme, the global fitness company saw something in Piers and his product, and his goal of helping both clients and gyms get the most out of fitness.

The version 2.0 launched only last month. Initially with 3 London based gyms onboard, 6 more since have eagerly joined up to launch their classes this month. Piers hopes to keep expanding into new gyms across London, allowing more people to fit their workouts into their everyday lives – it is truly the modern way to stay fit.


With a Deliveroo-like vision of being able to walk around a city and see the Fittever symbol inside the windows of gyms, Piers is currently looking for Angel investors to come on board and take the story one step further.

If you – or someone you know – shares his passion and values he would love to hear from you: [email protected].

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