How far can you take your performance, in just 6-weeks?

The Altitude Centre is offering a 6-week training camp which includes over £700 worth of training and testing, for just £129*.

The Altitude Centre will conduct pre- and post-training performance / health measures, as well as providing 6-weeks worth of performance boosting training to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Whether you are a cyclist / runner / triathlete / mountaineer looking to push your Winter limits, or looking to get some pre Christmas health benefits in – this could be the package for you!

What do you need to know?

There are only 4 spaces available for each altitude training camp. We will select the best applications to come on board and join us for the 6-weeks leading up to Christmas!


– Cycling
– Running
– Mountaineering
– Weight Loss
– General Fitness

What is included?

1. Pre-training performance / health measures (RRP £129)
2. 15 Exercise Sessions (RRP £300)
3. 6 x POD Sessions (RRP £150)
4. Post-training performance testing (RRP £129)
5. Progress monitoring throughout the 6-week period

Testing varies between groups, and is specific to your goals. Testing includes items such as the Power Profile, and the Mountaineering Consultation as an example.

What is required of me?

We would require you to complete all sections of the camp, to be eligible for the £129 pricing. Our team will be on hand to help you plan and prep your training schedule, but you will need to attend!

If you are unable to complete all sessions in the 6-week training period, the full package costs will be due.

The Altitude Centre will keep a record of your training diary, and performance results, which may be used in case studies for web and social content (anonymously if preferred).

How do I apply?

Apply via email to [email protected] with the subject “Six Week Altitude Training Camp”. Please include the below details:

– Full name
– Sport (if any)
– Current performance level (e.g. marathon time etc)
– Goals (e.g. target weight, target marathon time)
– Reasons why you would make a great member of the team!
– Any other relevant information (e.g. social media handles etc., target races)