Have you considered the health of your employees?

Are you in agreement, that if your employees are healthy they are less likely to take sick leave and be more productive whilst in the office?

There are of course many guidelines and suggested methods produced by Human Resources and Employee Health departments alike, to improve and maintain the health and well-being of employees across businesses in the city. Most of these methods are costly in terms of time and logistics. But what if there was an efficient method to provide proven results…

We, at The Altitude Centre, have been providing altitude training (the elevation above sea level) to athletes, mountaineers and those who are physically active to achieve medals, summits and goals, respectively, for many years. We understand that employee health is a significant factor for good business, and this is certainly an area we can enhance via the implementation of altitude training.

Through a variety of training methods, including passive and active, at our Centre in Trump Street or in your office building, and during or outside working hours, it is possible to include altitude training within your current Employee Health setup. We will be able to offer you the most tailored options that will help the health and productivity of your employees and keep your business thriving. At present, we are carrying out some research with our academic partners at London South Bank University looking at the effects of passive altitude training on health and well-being. The findings will be released in the near future, but they are currently looking promising! The training that we have implemented in this study will certainly be transferrable to your office, and that includes the addition of the positive effects!

Through regular training, it will only be a matter of 6 weeks before your employees have improved their health and well-being. Now is the time to instigate that improvement, and watch your business grow.