You may not have a marathon, cycling event or skiing trip to prepare for – but you’re more than likely going to want to look great this summer! Whether it be for pool/beach-side snaps, or for just the general “feel good” factor, looking and feeling lean gives you confidence! But how do you plan on getting leaner?

Our circuit classes give you the best of both worlds, lift weights to build muscular strength, as well as endurance. If this isn’t enough, they’re also carried out in our hypoxic chamber, so you end up burning more calories during and after a circuit class compared to normal conditions. More information around this area can be found here.


But what you want to know, is whether you can get leaner during our hypoxic circuits compared to normal circuit classes? In essence, yes! And a recent study has supported this. A group of researchers in Spain gave participants an 8 week program, with 2 sessions per week consisting of lower and upper body exercises. Half of the participants carried out the training in hypoxic conditions (15% O2), whereas, the other half completed the training in normal conditions. The results showed that those who completed the training in hypoxic conditions significantly increased their lean body mass and bone mineral density after 8 weeks, whilst those in normoxic conditions did not.

So what should you take form this? Circuit training is fun, varied, and makes you burn calories. Carrying out circuits in our hypoxic chamber will give you more fun, variation and calorie burning – which will end up making you leaner and stronger! So in a couple of months down the line when you’re enjoying the better weather, you can rest assured that the holiday photo’s will be held onto forever!

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