When you’re in the chamber and see someone sitting on the POD completing an intermittent hypoxic exposure (IHE) session, it’s a natural thought that they are likely preparing for a mountain summit. We have helped hundreds of clients acclimatise to altitude and successfully summit their targets through the use of this. However, did you know that IHE sessions on the POD are beneficial for general health as well?

We previously did some research with our academic partners at London South Bank University, and found that on average, you can burn 50% more calories during a single IHE session compared to breathing normal air. More calories burnt over a sustained period leads to weight loss!

A recent study has also shown that IHE is beneficial for those with Type II Diabetes. Specifically, 40 mins of IHE (5 mins breathing 12% O2, 5 mins breathing normal air x4) three times per week for three weeks led to a significantly lower insulin release and blood glucose compared to before.

So not only is passive training (i.e., IHE) good for resting the legs and acclimatising, it helps you burn calories and normalise blood sugar levels after just a few weeks.

Combining IHE sessions with HypoxicHIIT classes will only help you burn even more calories, and for longer!

Study details
Serebrovska et al. (2019). Euro J App Phys, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00421-019-04072-2.