Published: 2012

The aim of this investigation was to explore the effects of hypoxia and low-load resistance exercise on muscular strength and endurance.

Well trained netball players (n=30) took part in 5 weeks low resistant exercise (20% 1RM) was combined with 1) an occlusion pressure of approximately 230mmHg around the upper thigh; 2) hypoxic air to generate blood oxygen haemoglobin levels of approx. 80% and finally, 3) no additional stimulus (control group).

A series of strength and endurance tests were conducted one to five days before and after on the lower limbs, such as maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) and number of reps at 20% of 1RM.

The results show that low-load resistance exercise in hypoxic conditions increased maximal voluntary contraction by 15%, and can provide substantial improvements in muscle strength and endurance.

This is a useful training protocol for those looking to increase their muscle strength and endurance, and add to/ diversity traditional training programmes.