Published: 2014

This study was designed to determine the effect of resistance exercise training under systemic hypoxia on muscular adaptations known to occur following both resistance and endurance exercise training, including muscle cross-sectional area (CSA), one rep max (1RM), muscular endurance and some mitochrondrial biogenesis factors.

Male subjects (n=16) were randomly assigned to either a normoxic (sea level) resistance training group (NRT) or a hypoxic resistance training group (HRT, at 14.4% oxygen).

Each group performed 8 weeks of resistance training, after which blood and muscle biopsy samples were obtained before and after training.

The results found that whilst there were improvements in both groups, the increase in muscular endurance and skeletal muscle capillary-to-fibre ratio were significantly higher in the HRT group than the NRT group.

Resistance training in hypoxia may lead to increased muscular endurance, and promotion of angiogenesis in skeletal muscle, in addition to typical results expected from resistance training (increased muscle size and strength).