Nutritionist, Dr John McClinton demonstrates by first-hand experience that it can.

John is a Nutritional Consultant specialising in heat, performance and recovery. Prior to his quest to trek to Everest Base Camp and beyond he visited us at the Altitude Centre for a training session in our chamber. His article, published in the Functional Sports Nutrition magazine, provides the reader with a detailed, first-hand experience to nutrition at altitude concluding that preparation is key. Read the full article here.
Back in 2011 together with leading experts, The Altitude Centre developed ALTI-VIT, a nutritional supplement to support key body requirements at altitude including oxygen uptake, immune function, sleep quality and energy production.

Read the article: Nutritional journal

Enhance your performance at altitude with ALTI-VIT

ALTI-VIT is a unique vitamin formula developed by leading experts to support key body requirements at Altitude.