The Altitude Centre was commissioned to create an ‘altitude sumulator’ for Prince Harry and the charity Walking With The Wounded, at their Everest 2012 Launch hosted by Captive Minds, last Friday.

We designed the chamber to simulate the height of Everest Base Camp at 5,364m so that Prince Harry and former British soldier Karl Hignett could experience the effects that low oxygen levels has on the body.

Prince Harry and Karl entered the altitude chamber wearing pulseoximetres which read and displayed their oxygen saturation and heart rate levels. Within minutes, we saw an increase in heart rate and drop in Oxygen saturation levels on each of their screens as they both began walking on treadmills at oxygen levels of just 11.5%

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Walking with the Wounded, Everest 2012

By June, five injured British servicemen hope to be at the top of Mount Everest. Prince Harry will support them as patron of the Walking With The Wounded charity. The team consists of nine members of the military. The summit team are: Captain Martin Hewitt, Private Jaco Van Gass, Private Karl Hinett, Captain David Wiseman and Doctor Francis Atkinson. The base camp team will consist of Private Daniel Majid, Wing Sergeant Andy Hawkins, Private Manindra Rai and Rifleman Chris Gwilt. They will set off in March and hope to be at the top by the beginning of June.