What is The Power Profile?

Designed to get an all round marker of your performance on the bike, we’ll put you through your paces during a 65 minute session, with a series of different tests that produce results in an easy to understand, 10-point score format.

– 20-minute FTP
– 3-minute Max Power
– 6-s Max Power
– Anaerobic Capacity
– Fatigue Index

Why is it relevant to me?

Firstly, you want to be able to track your progress. If you can’t demonstrate that you are improving, how do you know that you are improving?

Secondly, we all want to improve, but we want to make sure we are improving the right energy systems for our event, and for our sport. Let’s take L’Etape for example. It’s all well and good seeing huge improvements in your peak power output, but what if that coincides with a drop in your endurance capabilities? Is that going to help you complete the course?

How can we help improve performance?

Whether you are training for an event at altitude, or a sea-level event, training at simulated altitude gets the results that you are after. We have seen ~10% power improvements in BOTH altitude and sea-level results, after a 6-8 week period training at 2700m.

Training at The Altitude Centre with reduced oxygen forces your body to make physiological adaptations that you can’t get by training at sea-level. By reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood, our muscles have to become more efficient to get the work done. Essentially we are training our muscles to do more, with less.

When it comes to race day (or those long training rides), and the abundance of oxygen available at sea-level, those miles become so much easier.

If you’re racing at altitude, your muscles are ready made to cope with the reduced availability of oxygen out there, helping you leave your competitors in your wake!

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