The Altitude Centre Leaderboard Competition: October

This month’s leaderboard competition is sponsored by the lunatics we love, The Sufferfest.

Competing against your fellow Altituders using The Sufferfest’s ‘Rubber Glove’ Functional Threshold Power test (if FTP means nothing to you, see below), you will test your athletic prowess at the end of September; train like a demon for five weeks and take the FTP again at the end of October to assess your improvement over time.


The winner? The one who shows the greatest performance gains between the before and after test will receive a training tee courtesy of The Sufferfest.


Anyone can take this challenge. You don’t even need to be a cyclist, own a bike or even train on the bike: It’s only the 20-minute FTP tests that take place on our wonderful Wattbikes. You can do all your ‘in between’ training however, wherever and whenever. Anyone can win.

You can take your ‘before’ FTP test during our designated Sufferfest classes on the 27th or 29th of September, both at 6.15pm. Our Performance Specialists will be on hand to help. You can also complete the test during any solo session, just let us know beforehand and we can get it set up ready for you.

What is an FTP test? It’s a repeatable test that helps determine the level at which you can train at your best without tanking to establish how fit you are. For 20 minutes, you cycle as fast as you can, at a power and cadence you’re able to maintain for the whole 20-minute test.

During the test, your average power and heart rate is recorded. We then calculate your FTP and record it on our The Altitude Centre Sufferfest rider cards.

Earn Double Points… Every Exercise (Classes and Solos) and POD session you attend, you earn a point on the leaderboard. During October, every Sufferfest you attend will reap double points. We hold The Sufferfest every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 6.15pm. We also have 11 brand spanking new videos for you to ‘enjoy’.


Every month, the person with the most points on the Leaderboard wins a prize: This month, we’re also offering a prize (sponsored by The Sufferfest) for the most improved FTP score.

At the end of the year, the winner of the Leaderboard gets three months’ free membership.